Great tips For Text message marketing

Before starting your text message marketing campaign for your small business it is really worth spending a little time to think about your strategy.

Consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, and do not under estimate the importance of doing so.

Remember. You want a happy customer!

Connecting with your customers via text message marketing is very easy and can be very effective

You do not want an annoyed customer!

but equally if you get it wrong it can be just as ineffective and have a negative effect.

Tips for text message marketing / Get it right

  • timing is crucial and plays a huge part as to whether or not your message could be effective. What would be silly to promote on say a monday morning could perhaps be great to promote at the start of the weekend. Remember people can be impulsive and understanding your customers needs and spending habits can really make a difference.


  • make sure the message has an obvious clear and concise call to action. You have 160 characters only to make this happen. Don't waste their time by sending wishy washy non specific texts. Make sure your message offers genuine value. Maybe a good buy one get one free offer, or free afternoon tea with any purchase (which could perhaps be sent an hour before on a busy saturday afternoon when many shoppers could be thinking about a break or snack)


  • Personalize the message by using their name. Remember they have given you their personal mobile number, it is only right you acknowledge that with a personal touch yourself. Also ensure you include who the text message they are receiving is from (your business name). Do not assume they will know.


  • Ensure you use a reputable service provider who follows mobile marketing guideline set within the industry, ensure you offer your customer an option to opt out of receiving further text messages.


  • If you choose an online service provider, make sure that the service will work in your chosen country. This industry is still growing and what may work in the U.S for example will not work in the UK and visa versa. Also services they provide can also differ slightly but Bulk sms is something the majority offer via a simple to you dashboard.


  • Most service providers offer a free trial period which is great to practice on friends, family or colleagues. Make sure you use the free credits they are now offering. If you need more then you can purchase a small amount at a time. Many of these service providers cater well for small businesses and individuals and not just the bigger brand companies.


  • Think about running a small competition, people willingly participate and are always looking for something for free. Try asking your customers themselves how you can improve your service to their personal needs.


  • Mobile marketing is a wonderful opportunity for small local shops owners. With a little imagination the potential is huge .


  • Finally Never before has the business owner had the opportunity to market to their customers via such a direct and effective channel as the mobile phone. Sieze the opportunity now! and get your free trial now.







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