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So your looking for something fun to do online for the weekend ahead?

why not create your free mobile website now! you may want to promote your business or just maybe yourself!, a link maybe, an affiliate link perhaps or a facebook page.

So you have a few minutes to spare ?….because that is all it takes.

It will impress you because I have shown others and they loved it.

First and foremost you will need a few mobile phone numbers from your contacts. People who you would like to view your mobile website (start with family or friends)

The links below basically take you to a page where you will need to sign up for your free credits.

I know you may not use them again, but you will however need to sign up if you are to receive your Free credits!

It is here you can easily and for free create your own mobile websites! , plus you can then send out only one text to reach all your chosen friends or contacts etc with a link to say your newly designed mobile website so they can view it from their phone.(make sure their phone connects to the internet so they can view your site from their phone)

The mobile website creation tool is so simple, you can easily add images and links.

You could even upload a photo of yourself or better still a link to your affiliate product or facebook profile or whatever you choose.

This is actually how mobile marketing works. this is exactly the same way business owners now / in the future will be contacting you yourself! and it is so very easy to do.

Remember though you only have limited characters for your text (160) so think about the message carefully.

I have shown plenty of people how to do this, and they themselves have been using their free credits to try it out.(many just for fun like you!)

The response has been really good, in fact like myself , many people had assumed it would be really difficult to create their own mobile website and send messages like “text HAPPY” to 44432 for example. Little do they know it literally takes a few minutes.

Now you can see for yourself just how simple mobile marketing really is!

You will need to have a play around with the dashboards, they all differ slightly, and have slightly different products to use, but that is entirely up to you.

create a group and name to that group, eg. Then add your contacts and mobile numbers. Place them in the group then create your text message to send.

If you are wanting to create your own instant mobile site then go to mobile pages in the dashboard.Then new page.

It is very simple to use and only takes a few minutes to do so grab a coffee and why not get started.


(UK Text message and mobile site creation)



Yeptext (U.S Text message service only)






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