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We can all read plenty about mobile marketing and how it works but reality is many business owners understandably want to see proof and results.

I completely understand this, it wasn't so long ago I myself paid a lot of money for a website without really understanding how it would benefit me. It proved to be a complete disaster, a waste of money and worse still I had no visitors!, it had no purpose whatsoever. I had assumed visitors would naturally visit my site! It was this experience which led me to learn how websites were created, but most of all, how they could be found!.

Today is very different for me, and I feel a certain amount of responsibility to help small business owners understand what I have learnt. It is very obvious, what I did back then still happens today.It still is a very big problem today, many small business owners paying for sites to be maintained or built without understanding how to get visitors to it.


Small businesses still struggling to understand the importance of SEO



Many small businesses are having trouble weaving SEO techniques into their websites, according to survey results released this week.
More than half the businesses who responded to a Small Business Search Marking Survey by American Express and SEMPO said they needed help with their campaigns, yet only 25 per cent said they would employ anyone to assist with search engine marketing, MediaPost reported.

Nineteen per cent of those questioned said that although they were planning on spending money on digital advertising this year, they would not put any money into search engine marketing.

The news provider reported that the survey said the confusion could arise from the large number of strategies which small businesses are faced with, and the potential pitfalls they may face along the way.

Almost three-quarters of those questioned said they handled search campaigns internally, despite often having no expertise in the sector.

A report by Borrell Associates found recently that digital marketing on the whole was becoming more prolific among small businesses. – WWW.EQUIMEDIA.CO.UK


I have been recently been Learning Mobile Marketing, in particular I wanted to  learn text message marketing, simply because this is easy for smaller business owners to manage themselves, without relying on assumptions their website will be found, or paying expensive SEO skills or web designer fees.

Mobile marketing is a way of connecting with existing customers and targeting new customers in an extremely effective way. (also see location based services)

Mobile marketing is an opportunity for business owners themselves, no matter what size to be in control, and it is for this reason I am following this Industry very closely.

I understand Many small business owners need to be absolutely convinced before committing to another form of marketing, after all many of these local business owners are extremely busy people managing every aspect of their business, marketing, finance, stock taking, as well as maybe serving customers and answering telephone calls, emails etc.

I will in the coming months be revealing some results how local businesses are benefiting from mobile marketing campaigns. I will be searching for a variety of businesses, from one man bands to the larger well know brands.

I will also be  showing how the different strategies used in mobile marketing can be relevant to different industries. This will hopefully help small business owners understand not only how easy this can be but also prove that it does work. After all Consumers themselves are happy to participate as long as an messages received are relevant to them.

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