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Quantity or Quality…Which are you?

Quality not Quantity.....This subject is dear to my heart, and can apply to the variety of things in our every day lives.... food...websites... content... assets... articles... media contacts.... colleagues... I always use comparables, personally it helps me to make my point and … [Read more...]

Learn Internet Marketing Properly

Thought I would write a quick post about this subject because it is something I personally have struggled with in the past and I know others will too. Learn Internet Marketing The correct way When you first start out learning about internet marketing, naturally you have a lot to learn, those of us … [Read more...]

mobile marketing and wordpress

The more I learn about local mobile marketing the more I am thankful I created my sites using wordpress. I am always talking about the benefits of using wordpress, now more than ever. Going back a while when I realized mobile marketing and location based services was going to drastically change the … [Read more...]

Mobile Plugins and Apps for WordPress

For those of you, like me perhaps who have umpteen wordpress sites on the go, I thought I would share some excellent plugins and apps, ones which can help us all become really mobile.There are never enough hours in the day when trying to create quality unique online content, anything which helps to … [Read more...]

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