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For those of you who blog or build websites this is a must read. I am so motivated after listening to this video it is only fair to pass it on to others.

I am a great believer that less is more, infact I am quite passionate about the  topic of decluttering, and that sometimes means decluttering my blog too.

I am a non hoarder and I totally understand the benefits of being one. However I appreciate that we are all not like this, infact some really struggle to declutter their lives. I personally however try to discard anything which I no longer need or use because it helps me to move forward. To strive for quality and relevance both online and offline seems the logical thing to do, however up till now I really hadn't been practicing what I preach! when it comes to blogging it is so easy to become a busy fool and that is something we need to be constantly mindful of, being organized ourselves and having an organized website is crucial for success.

I was referred to a site this morning via twitter. Sometimes I obviously check out who those I follow are following themselves, chances are you will find some very relevant new people to follow.

Anyway back to being organized with your blog, if there is anyone who can get this message across its Leo Babauta, by watching this video you will have a gentle reality shock of how to create a successful blog. Please check it out!

What he says makes so much sense, and it is this mentality of his which has completely turned his life around and I believe he is now writing his second book. If you struggle online or offline for that matter his new book could be just what you need.

Check this out for yourself. in this video.

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