Google Wallet – Here by the summer

Did you know Google Wallet will be launched by the summer! Apparently the new saying will be”tap pay and save”

Google wallet is currently being tested in New York and San Fransisco and expected to be launched fully by the summer.

They will then be looking to roll it out to other countries.

From what I have seen, Google Wallet is an android app which basically stores virtual versions of your plastic credit / plastic cards on your phone. This enables you to use you phone as a wallet.It will store coupons, transactions and pretty much anything else you would normally place into a wallet. They are even saying it could hold your keys in the future.

I personally do not carry a wallet, I carry a purse! so I was wondering if they will be introducing Google purse!!! I guess they never thought of that!.

I think it's a great idea not to be handling loose change, wallets and purses but I also think it will make mobile phone users more paranoid than ever about losing their mobile phone. (out of the inconvenience if not the security)

Apparently no banking transaction is completed when using Google Wallet, it is processed through something called NFC tags which wont work beyond 4 cms (check this out for yourself)

This new product launch however really demonstrates how much confidence Google have in the future of mobile phones. Their vision is that this is a revolutionary step, as in, we first used coins to pay, then progressed to paper, then plastic and now using this new technology. Not so sure myself, (I am sure many would miss the lovely smell of crisp notes and shiny new coins).

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