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I like many embrace new technology and new marketing strategies,  in particular mobile marketing and location based services, after all this will introduce new effective marketing opportunities for business owners to interact and communicate with their customers.

However I also understand that with these new services comes a concern about privacy and security.

The vast majority of mobile phone sales are now GPS enabled which means that the vast majority have the potential to reveal your location. Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla are a few location based services which offers an interactive user experience whereby you can reveal your location to your social media contacts and friends, and whilst they do clearly give you the option as to whether or not you wish to divulge this information, these services should still be a concern for parents and users in general.

These services do vary and need to be looked at individually to understand how they work and what they offer. They are as service providers constantly trying to improve their service to eliminate any unnecessary risks factors involved, however this industry is growing. Rapidly.

This new technology is great for uses such as locating a lost person but perhaps not so great for parents concerned about the possibilities of their children revealing the wrong information to the outside world.

There was a recent story about a teenager who had revealed his location using LBS and was openly discussing about the family holiday they were returning from. Unfortunately this resulted in someone breaking into the house knowing full well it was empty at that time.

It is estimated that mobile phone sales will be huge this coming Christmas, in particular for teenagers and even much younger children,  it is important that children and parents re-educate themselves as soon as possible with new smartphone technology and new Location Based Service apps now available via their mobile phone. Technology and services are evolving rapidly, that we cannot and would not want to change, but we can adapt, familiarize and educate ourselves just as we did with the internet in our home, and hopefully as this technology evolves, so will consumer confidence and knowledge.




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