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Are you looking for innovative ways to use QR Codes?

Those of us who are developing our mobile marketing skills are no doubt experimenting with them, QR codes are definately handy marketing images which I frequently try and think of a new way to use them. In my previous post I mentioned about how I had designed my own QR Code clothing, I have created a few popular designs.

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As someone who loves marketing, my message was simple.

Stop scanning and start planning!


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Qr codes are something I am always looking out for, supermarket products, newspapers, coffee shops, etc! but whilst qr codes are well and truly established in other parts of the world, in particular Japan, I personally feel that here in the UK we still have a way to go. However…

My thoughts are also this, come December 2011 I believe top on the list for christmas gifts will be smart phones, in particular teens, and I think they are the generation who will help accelerate mobile marketing and prove that marketing to mobile phones is an effective acceptable way to communicate with your customers. They will be eager to participate and in turn marketers will provide. The younger generation in particular will also be keen to use location based services (communicating with a mobile phone user based on their current location. (using GPS), eg. facebook places, fourquare, yelp, gowalla etc.

Naturally these younger users will become experts on how to use their smart phone to it's full capability and this will include scanning Qr codes for fear they could be missing a relevant coupon offer or bargain.

How to use QR Codes

They can be used for a variety of purposes. Originally used in Japan to track car parts, they are now used as paper free virtual  business cards, coupon offers, company website details, website links for online catalogues, product codes, direction charts, etc. Qr codes can easily be created  (free) for instant download over at qurify.com.


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