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Last week I was trying to figure out how to create your own app, after much research I decided it would be too expensive and complicated and perhaps something I should leave to the technical geeks, of which I am not one! however during mid week I received an email from Adam and Tim founders of Local mobile monopoly (of which I am a member) to inform me of the webinar held on thursday night. The subject was this:

How to build your own app within the hour.

Obviously I was excited and made sure I reserved my place.

This service is called app builder 360, it really is simple and you can have your own app within 15 minutes, depending on what you are wanting your app to do. It really is worth checking out this page because as far as building apps it really could not get any simpler than this, almost anyone could do it.

With local mobile monopoly you can rest assured you will be constantly learning and evolving with this new exciting trend of mobile marketing, however whilst you will be learning new strategies you will naturally be introduced to new products to the market place such as the above. This does not however mean you have to purchase them. I personally learnt from that webinar just how easy it can be to create your own app within the hour. That I found fascinating considering not so long back it would simply not be an option for you unless you were prepared to spend thousands. As mobile marketing evolves, and smaller business owners participate, then availability and pricing will change too and become more competitive. I for now will  refrain from being tempted, but as of this date as far as creating your own app within the hour then this looks the best option.

See for yourself how simple this can be.

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