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I have recently become the first ever bloggeret !. I am so pleased about this because it is something I really enjoy doing. For those who don't know what a bloggeret is. It is someone who blogs, (a blogger) but is also a poet, hence blogger – et.

And better still I think google approve!, marvellous, I personally have found a new unique way of getting content online!. easily and in a fun way. It's all systems go for me now, forget pam eyres, here comes the new dimnity. Why not have a look at your niche and create a poetic blog, if it's fun to read then it will spread like nothing before. (hopefully)

I personally have wrote a few about mobile marketing, something I believe will seriously take off in the next twelve months. Why not check them out for yourself.

I have recently submitted this site to google and have yet to see results, whether or not google bots realize this content rymes I don't know!, maybe they do. An interesting thought.

Feel free to check out my two new pages about learning mobile marketing.

Page one. (free trials for mobile marketing for businesses and individuals)

new career mobile marketing (local mobile monopoly which I am a member)

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Hi, my name is Sharon and would best describe myself as an optimistic multipotentialite! /niche blogger striving to get Googles attention, wordpress enthusiast

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