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Every once in a while I have crazy ideas, those who know me will understand what I mean. Well I have had another one, and I am about to tell you what this is. Trust me you'll love it….

As a marketer I am always looking for ways to get my pages ranked in Google, and lots of traffic to my sites. I do not however tend to go down the route of buying into these software products which promise to do so. From what I have heard you can sometimes be doing more harm than good. There are other ways to do this by either thinking outside the box or maybe being creative.

I have recently created a new website about how to learn mobile marketing, and about text message marketing but with a creative twist. see the link below.

When you visit this site (remember it is in its infancy stage) read both pages ( learn and trials ) you will see that I have created them using an innovative technique which adds a bit of light entertainment.

I hope you like it! but that got me thinking more. I find this type of writing very easy, infact I love poetry! it's a way of expressing myself. I have wrote loads of poems over the years, most of which is relevant at that time. (also listed one below) Moving on…..

That got me thinking more…I could see this new type of marketing/ content writing could taking off, so I thought what a good idea if I started another website about poetry blogging. So I popped over to godaddy and bought this domain

www.bloggeret.com (visit that site now for my explanation) or if you type into google what is a bloggeret you will probably find this post at the top of the page! (because it is a word I created myself!

Here I will create lots of different poems about different subjects I know about, food for thought…

internet marketing, SEO, marketing madness…etc etc. Whenever I feel creative I can post it online….

that got me thinking more, (been doing a lot of that!) what if my new word (bloggeret ) I could get listed in wikipedia. (just for fun, or as an experiment) So there we go. I have set myself a new challenge!. and I reckon I can do it, with the help of others of course.

In twelve months time if you type into google “what is a bloggeret” I think you will find wikipedia in their usual authority position at the top…telling you it is a blogger who creates their posts in a poetical way!

What do you think…Am I mad?, ridiculously over optimistic, need to get a life or what ? …or just darn right stupid?

But before you rush in with your opinion check out my new site and read both pages! (right to the end) If you like them great, if not then that's fine also. I really don't mind.


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