Relevance key for marketing

I have been re-organizing my sites lately and I will tell you why.

As we all know relevance is key with marketing, well that is what I ultimately strive for, sometimes successfully, other times not!   and it is clear to me since I started out, and having recently learnt some mobile marketing techniques that this is what people want.In my opinion it is the consistant bombardment of irrelevant ads, products or services which give marketers a bad reputation, online or offline. In my opinion you get good marketers and those who ruthlessly try to sell, and quite rightly that ruthless approach is becoming less tolerated and obviously less effective. This cannot happen with mobile marketing so it means existing marketers need to adapt. (yeh hey!)

Now I am no ruthless marketer but I still have to adapt because marketing is changing. Rapidly. Relevant targetted information being more paramount than ever,this is what Google and customers want, so this is what I and you possibly need to strive for.

I had to refer back to my page about adjusting your strategy to succeed online. (adjusting alongside new trends and technology) now to some this may seem obvious but it needed mobile marketing to remind me of this!.

My sites are now mobile so it's more important than ever if I am to continue that I need to give this huge audience what they want.

I have recently moved towards mobile marketing strategies because I believe that is the way forward. Now if there is anything to help you understand what people want, then mobile marketing will. The reason it is so effective is because it needs to be so relevant and this is something you very quickly realize!

if you are relevant with your message, it's very effective. If not then you'll know about it when the opt out!

By learning mobile marketing it really makes you look at your website to determine how relevant your site is.

I had a shock with mine!

By being more specific you are likely to have more relevant visitors to your site, mobile in particular, which is what its all about.

I hope this article was relevant to you! If you really want to understand how marketing is changing then check out the links below, or try taking a look at how relevant your message, site, content (or whatever) is.


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