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Now I am no social media expert…in fact far from it, It is something admittedly I have put on the back boiler..crazy I know but I as we all know in this game, it's about prioritizing!…but social media is highly relevant today and something I for one will start to put it on the top of my to do list, it's easy for other tasks to get in the way….. but that's life isn't it, and Internet Marketing really is no different. It's like a puzzle which needs completing, but when you slowly but surely put the pieces together, you start to see a bigger picture. It really does happen that way, and if there is one thing I have learnt so far with Internet Marketing it is this. There are many ways to find relevant customers! or visitors to your site. It's all about creating quality relevant funnels. Relevant being the operative word. I don't need, and don't have thousands visiting my sites daily only to click away quickly not interested in what I had to say or show. I would rather less but quality visitors who enjoy their experience and find maybe a relevant product they could benefit from….and purchase

after all that is what it's all about! no matter what business.

As I said in my previous post, it really is not quantity of traffic to your site. It is quality of traffic to your site, how long they browse there, what links they click on and if they then become a returning customer. This is why analytics is so important when creating websites, taking notes of keywords and phrases they use to find your site. It's not quantity of followers, it's quality of followers. It's not turnover, it's profit, browsing is fine and good, but sales are better, no different to  high street shops….of course they don't mind browsers but they obviously prefer it knowing they have something you need and purchase……and hopefully then recommend it to others. They would soon go out of business should they rely on browsers alone.

It makes sense doesn't it, and this is exactly the same with Internet Marketing. You do not want to become yet another irrelevant website. You need to add real value to your visitors, be original and start as you mean to carry on, show people who you are and what you are about, show them why they should trust you, why you are different, why they should use you, or purchase from you. With perseverance you can create great content, great products and provide a smooth simple transaction and things will start happening.

I will next week launch a few very good sites which I am sure you will love so feel free to re visit soon or follow me on twitter where I will tweet those new links.

They are very innovative sites and I am expecting a huge amount of visitors because they will rank well with search engines in a relevant niche today. Definately worth viewing if you are interested in innovative marketing techniques to really boost sales. This will REALLY show who I am and what I am about. I quite often find myself coming up with crazy ideas, some good, some not so good but a few people who I trust have said this is so unique and everyone will love it…well watch this space I guess. If you love marketing you will love them I'm sure.

The truth is I don't know why this type of marketing I will use has not yet been shown. This is also another reason I love marketing because it allows for creativity and innovative thoughts! without the expenditure of creating physical products. (where I previously failed ..

read more here if you like about how that went disastrously wrong!)

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