Quantity or Quality…Which are you?

Quality not Quantity…..This subject is dear to my heart, and can apply to the variety of things in our every day lives…. food…websites… content… assets… articles… friends…social media contacts…. colleagues…

I always use comparables, personally it helps me to make my point and also see things clearly, anything which helps us to achieve that must be good, right?

Strange as this may seem, let us look at food for a minute.

We all know what happens when you add say too much water to a gravy or a cooking sauce, …..yes it becomes bland, boring, diluted and not interesting! Most would agree It's not the quantity of food, it's the quality and taste of that food.

in comparison…

Written content online. Websites online. Articles online…etc

We all know the quantity of online content we produce is important, but we also know it's the quality of that content that matters more, don't agree?……….then hear it from the horses mouth

Yes sometimes difficult to achieve but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day

and building a quality online presence won't be either will it?

A few years back when I started learning online, I knew if I wasn't going to be spending the next twelve months going round in circle then I would need to find some serious guidance, and my search began online. I needed someone or a proven system to condense everything down into quality content for me to understand………I was searching for a quality, relevant website or product.

I was fortunate, I found someone who basically offered this.

She even offered a huge amount of free quality information via her website. I found out how she had achieved doing what I myself was partially trying to achieve, and that is why I joined the WA university, the same university she had joined.

She is an inspiration to anyone trying to achieve success online.

No matter what we search for online, that is what we are trying to achieve, condensed relevant information that applies to what we write in that search bar.

Whether that be an answer, an article, information or a suitable business,service or product, and ultimately that is what search engines strive to provide. Not quantity but quality.

I have recently created a few new sites, I have added a unique twist to this content! and I am quite excited about them as the content offers a unique way to connect with customers, it's a novel idea.

The reason I did it this way was to add more Quality to the content!

It's innovative, different and although I say it myself I think Good. And that is just another reason why I love marketing so much, you can use creativity, innovative ideas, experiment, and really show the world who you are.

Will leave you with yet another inspirational quote.. a favorite of mine..and yet another example of showing it's not the quantity of content. It's the quality of that content.. Inspiration quotes being classic examples.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising – MARK TWAIN

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