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The more I learn about local mobile marketing the more I am thankful I created my sites using wordpress. I am always talking about the benefits of using wordpress, now more than ever. Going back a while when I realized mobile marketing and location based services was going to drastically change the way small local businesses could connect with their customers, I had concerns. I was concerned about the learning curve, not only about making my sites mobile friendly to be able to connect with my users but also about learning mobile marketing in general.  I knew how much time and effort I had put in learning internet marketing and building sites with wordpress and now with mobile marketing it looked like I would have to start all over! Well to my relief, as time went by I realized something very quick and I am sure many wordpress users will relate to this. I did have to learn about mobile marketing, yes and still am, but to my relief I did not have to re-design my sites into mobile ones. With the press of a button (or two) I could simply install a plugin which would simply turn everyone of them into a user friendly mobile site. Yes their are a few issues with hacking them for some plugins to work together nicely, in particular cache plugins, but this is easily done thanks to the support and instructions from their websites, and the beauty of  wordpress is you can pretty much guarantee if you are having problems then someone else is having the same problem and you'll find a solution from the online wordpress community.

If you have a wordpress site and looking to go mobile then definately checkout the plugins available.

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