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For those of you, like me perhaps who have umpteen wordpress sites on the go, I thought I would share some excellent plugins and apps, ones which can help us all become really mobile.There are never enough hours in the day when trying to create quality unique online content, anything which helps to manage our time better has got to be good.

Firstly if you don't yet have a smartphone, get one, it will be your main tool in integrating everything to become mobile, and mobile is without doubt the way forward, for those who have a smartphone then make sure you download the WordPress app to allow you to access and manage your sites on the go. This is brilliant. It can allow us to do more work whilst on the move and eliminates wasted time. I personally wrote my first mobile post last week from my android whilst in Bristol,and whilst for many that may not be a novelty and new, it was for me, and I must admit to feeling rather excited with having my wordpress dashboards in my rear pocket!.Nothing annoys me more than having a creative moment for online content and not being near my computer, and if you are anything like me, this can quite often happen. I know this will allow myself and many others make better use of our time.

Secondly, we wordpress users have a variety of plugins to make our sites mobile friendly, phew! I am no techie but I was really suprised and relieved just how easy it was to integrate everything to become mobile friendly (I do love wordpress)I personally now use WPtouch to simplify my current sites to friendly mobile versions. This plugin is simple,  it allows integration options like adsense aswell as changing what existing pages to be shown via your mobile site, it also allows change of fonts, colours and background images. As far as I understand for mobile SEO mobile google bot like to see mobile sitemaps submitted aswell so another great plugin I found is google mobile sitemap plugin.

Rightly so many of us are simply trying to emulate everything we currently do via the web internet into mobile, getting our sites as mobile friendly as possible, easy for our readers to navigate and with clear concise messages. Condensing your marketing message with a clear and simple call to action is more important than ever with mobile marketing and whilst many existing websites will still show in mobile phone browsers the website content may show too much info for a typical mobile customer.

Anyway, exciting times ahead and my guess is this. As marketers we all spend much of our time trying to understand what a customer needs  and wants. We watch trends and spending habits. Take the younger generation for example, It fascinates me that a craze can go so viral so quickly, and I think it will be this younger generation which could seriously kickstart mobile marketing in 2012. My guess is that for christmas many teens will be getting smartphones. These are currently the social networking experts and early in 2012 I think use of location based services will see a huge climb and every small business owner needs to be prepared for that. I also think when (or if) this happens we could see some very successful savvy young entrepreneurs in the making by 2013.

I for one hope we do, and by that time I will be a trendy mobile marketing gran.

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