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Are you an optimist or pessimist

For those of you who are not familiar with the law of attraction, it is based on the theory that "like attracts like", and we attract those things in life what we focus on. It teaches, that we should focus more on what we want, and less on what we don't want to achieve what we want. It … [Read more...]

How to organize your blog

For those of you who blog or build websites this is a must read. I am so motivated after listening to this video it is only fair to pass it on to others. I am a great believer that less is more, infact I am quite passionate about the  topic of decluttering, and that sometimes means decluttering … [Read more...]

Google Wallet – Here by the summer

Did you know Google Wallet will be launched by the summer! Apparently the new saying will be"tap pay and save" Google wallet is currently being tested in New York and San Fransisco and expected to be launched fully by the summer. They will then be looking to roll it out to other … [Read more...]

Location Based Services concern

I like many embrace new technology and new marketing strategies,  in particular mobile marketing and location based services, after all this will introduce new effective marketing opportunities for business owners to interact and communicate with their customers. However I also understand that … [Read more...]

qr codes in the UK

Are you looking for innovative ways to use QR Codes? Those of us who are developing our mobile marketing skills are no doubt experimenting with them, QR codes are definately handy marketing images which I frequently try and think of a new way to use them. In my previous post I mentioned about how I … [Read more...]

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