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I have spent much of my time lately learning and keeping up with the mobile marketing trend, without doubt this is something which as a marketer you cannot and should not dismiss and although a vast majority of retailers have not started mobile campaigns many believe that in the next few years it could overtake e commerce.   Mobile marketing is here and with that comes location based services which allow users to check in at a geographical location to receive relevant info and offers within the area. Smart phones sales which are GPS enabled means that business owners and marketers can now communicate with these customers based on their current location, users themselves can benefit from special offers, vouchers, coupons etc from nearby shops as well as interact and share this with social media contacts. Foursquare is leading the market with a recent figure of 3 millions new subscribers in one day, however it is early days and dependent on how these services grow will depend on market leaders in LBS technology.

Some Popular LBS Services

  • Gowalla
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook places
  • Loopt


There are obvious concerns with some of these Geo location apps as they can divulge ones given location and pose obvious security risks and ethical concerns with privacy, the majority of these services however give you the option even after you have checked in as to whether or not you wish to show your current location however users will  need to understand and familiarize themselves for piece of mind should they choose to use any of  these services.

Relevance is Key for a user to want this service.

For a smart phone user to be willing to check in to local based services the offer or message  needs to be highly relevant to them, lives are busy enough and to check in to a location based service whilst out and about would need to be beneficial to the user with a simple, relevant offer, otherwise it would be perceived more as a hindrance than help. This will be challenging for marketers and business owners, nowadays more than ever shoppers are looking for genuine bargains,but at the same time they are being more select and looking for bargains which are relevant to them. Understanding your customers needs and relevance will be key in dictating how fast and ultimately how successful local mobile marketing will become.

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