New Jobs for the over 50s

Are you over 50 ? looking for a new job?

I was watching a program last week about how the older generation are struggling to find new jobs. Reality is many of these are being made redundant and yet have an abundance of skills and experience, however reality is also when you reach a certain age this is not particularly taken into consideration.  Being the optimistic person I am, I can't help but thinking that whilst this can totally destroy someones confidence it should also be used as an opportunity to start a new business. Variety is the spice of life, unfortunately redundancies are a fact of life, especially today. This will not change but as an individual we have the ability to learn new skills and look for new opportunities. Time is money yes, and many of the over 50s would say they this is something they do not have, especially with monthly outgoings and other responsibilities but at the same time sometimes we need to accept what is happening, rightly or wrongly, accept responsibility and create a new career or source of income for ourselves. This can be daunting but by taking control, accepting change you can choose a new career doing something you enjoy. I for one understand that, fortunately I have an optimistic nature and I appreciate many do not. Infact I would go as far to say ..I am a great believer that everyone has a route to succeed. Its finding it.

If you feel like you have been thrown on the scrap heap, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and get yourself a pen and a piece of paper.

Write down your existing skills, believe in yourself, write down your ambitions, no matter what they are. Visit business start up organizations, network and get yourself out there, strive to be different and create an online CV via blogger, join Linkedin where you can show employers what you can do, (the internet is used by most businesses) and this is where many employers seek out new employees. Visit an agency to see if there is any temporary work available, If you are good writer look at writing opportunities online with Time is money so make sure every hour of everyday counts, make sure it is productively used whether that be starting a new business venture or seeking work. Ask for help from family members to apply for jobs online and register yourself with job seekers websites. Ask for help. Don't give up, actively seek out new opportunities or better still create them for yourself.

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