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I had to write something about what happened to me recently. I know from researching my problem it could be relevant to many looking for new hosting or having problems with their sites. I know how frustrating it has been for me!, so here goes.

Firstly, as said in my previous post, I recently had problems from downloading software used to unzip folders. (a free version). My sites went slow and I was not happy about the way it took over my laptop, eg browser issues etc. I decided to uninstall it but had major problems doing so, finally I found a post from gingerbread which meant digging deeper but successfully deleting every trace of this software. To my horror rightly or wrongly I found an article saying that this software (can't remember where I saw this)could hijack domains???. Anyway thankfully I was rid of it. However…..

my sites were still slow, and having used this software to work with whilst using my ftp  I started to panic again. Later that day I accessed my site using ftp and to my horror I could not find my sites files. I am a complete novice with coding and technical issues, that is why I use thesis theme and wordpress. I am also not confident with file manager yet! so I mainly use ftp to alter things with help of thesis blogs etc aswell as thesis own dashboard and the hooks plugin. To be perfectly honest the less technical issues I have to learn the better, and that is why wordpress is so successful I guess!

I didn't know how to dig deeper and find out what was going on.! My site was still working but after a while it wasn't.

This was really scary and to be quite honest I was thankful I at least had a backup, but it was still daunting for me.

I contacted Hostgator and after much of the day on live chat they eventually found the problem. It is during these live chat times it really makes you realize how much or how little(in my case) you understand about the inner workings of your website. I don't mind admitting it, I know very little and I made sure they understood this.I needed all the help I could get!

It turns out that my domain was pointing to a folder with no files. Don't know how this happened!. Anyway from my experience I just wanted to praise hostgator for helping me out, also reassure anyone thinking about getting new hosting that in my experience when problems arise, which they do, and will, hostgators live chat service is worth its weight in gold, without which I could not have done without.


Major problems with my sites going slow. Contacted hostgator.

Turns out this was the problem.

I had too many demanding plugins on my site, this puts pressure on your blog and can slow it down.

I deleted plugins which I can live without and also replaced a cache plugin with W3 Total cache plugin (which hostgator recommend)

Problem solved!

sites back to normal and loading well.

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