Getting rid of jzip

If ever I encounter problems on my computer I usually just google for a solution, however this time I am going to create a blog about it because it really created a big problem. A few months back having previously used winzip to unzip my files I decided to download jzip. It meant that I could continue creating my site and unzip my files, however..soon after I started to encounter problems. Mainly problems in dashboards and slow loading times etc.

This morning I have been trying to use a new control panel and after encountering yet more problems I rang the technical support for the control panel to see if they had any issues. They hadn't!

Therefore I tried yet again to uninstall Jzip…….but every time I attempted to run firefox jzip would reappear! I changed browser settings, and tried everything to try and get rid of it but still no joy. Finally I found a post from gingerbread man with clear instructions how to get rid of this problem. It turns out that jzip is known for hijacking the domain names, which probably is the reason why my sites were so slow and every control panel I used incurred problems!

I have placed the link below to help anyone with same problem ( instructions how to remove jzip completely.)because I know from this mornings search people are having issues with this.

Don't download jzip !

I guess some things are worth paying for! (winzip!)

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