Txtlocal Leading the way with mobile marketing

Txt local UK company based in Malvern Worcestershire have recently won an Internet Business Award for their online communications system.

The text message marketing service is used by a variety of businesses, both large and small. They provide an affordable, simple and powerful platform which means they are now recognized as leaders in the mobile marketing industry.

Mobile marketing can be extremely effective but new users wishing to use mobile marketing need affordability and simple methods to do so. Txtlocal obviously take this onboard, their website is user friendly and has videos which will show you how easy and effective SMS text message marketing methods can be.

With the popularity of new smart phones and the fact that globally there are now 5 billion mobile users, looks like there is only one direction for Txtlocal. Onwards and upwards!. Good Luck to all at Txtlocal.

Check out their powerful variety of services, including their new free mobile website creation tool (its easy, I have tried it myself )

whether you are looking at creating mobile campaigns to promote your business, products, service or other txt local should be your first point of call.

Find simple solutions to find new customers as well as creating customer loyalty with your existing customers.

Read more about their recent award here

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