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I have recently discovered a real geeky tool, well actually I say geeky but I personally think it is a great marketing tool. Maybe some will have heard of them but I hadn't…until last month. Qr codes!, they are used in Japan, have been since 1996 to track parts for the motor Industry, anyway I have been playing around with them because I believe they are powerful marketing tools. Infact many recognized brands are now using them. For those who aren't familiar with them here is one below. now if you have a phone which has a scanning app on then scan it to reveal the code. If not then you can download a barcode scanner app to your phone.
I personally think they are great….so much so last night I opened a shop selling my own designs on a huge variety of merchandise!. better still I don't need to handle anything. I can't tell you how that felt! I know how difficult it is to try and get a product to market!, sourcing manufacturers, designing bags..boxes, visiting trade fairs, etc etc and that is even before starting your mission to sell your products….infact I still have remnants of my products stored in a shed to prove it!!!!!
I am soooo relieved those days are gone!…looks like I can now use my creativity and still have products to sell…without the stress and financial outlay.
Check out one of my products which I designed..and don't forget to scan the image!!

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