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Location Based Services

I have spent much of my time lately learning and keeping up with the mobile marketing trend, without doubt this is something which as a marketer you cannot and should not dismiss and although a vast majority of retailers have not started mobile campaigns many believe that in the next few years it … [Read more...]

New Jobs for the over 50s

Are you over 50 ? looking for a new job? I was watching a program last week about how the older generation are struggling to find new jobs. Reality is many of these are being made redundant and yet have an abundance of skills and experience, however reality is also when you reach a certain age this … [Read more...]

How good are hostgator

I had to write something about what happened to me recently. I know from researching my problem it could be relevant to many looking for new hosting or having problems with their sites. I know how frustrating it has been for me!, so here goes. Firstly, as said in my previous post, I recently had … [Read more...]

Getting rid of jzip

If ever I encounter problems on my computer I usually just google for a solution, however this time I am going to create a blog about it because it really created a big problem. A few months back having previously used winzip to unzip my files I decided to download jzip. It meant that I could … [Read more...]

Txtlocal Leading the way with mobile marketing

Txt local UK company based in Malvern Worcestershire have recently won an Internet Business Award for their online communications system. The text message marketing service is used by a variety of businesses, both large and small. They provide an affordable, simple and powerful platform which means … [Read more...]

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