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Mobile Marketing seems to be a real hot topic of conversation. I must admit to being extremely excited about this new strategy. I have recently come back from some friends who have a lovely shop and they were telling me about their new tea room. It is lovely, really quaint but they were struggling to get the word out. So I showed them a little of what I had learnt, I showed them how to create QR codes. I created one for them which contained a secret word along with an extremely tempting offer. (50% off afternoon Tea) then I had a little think….ummm. Afternoon tea is the type of thing the older generation do and they are not the generation who walk round with gadgets and smart phones. so I had a re-think……Target the younger generation…the local college. I recreated a QR code which would tempt the younger generation and headed to the local college aswell as uploading the image to their facebook crowd, we also knew many of the followers had teenage children with smart phones.

Results???. well we do not know yet …we will have to see what happens but the fact is today people really are looking out for offers and any innovative marketing method must only be beneficial for all concerned. Infact QR codes are a great way for creating paper free business cards…you can create a QR code for any message. I personally have ordered my scan me polo shirt with my QR code on! (check out zazzle and cafepress for these) QR codes have been used in Japan since 1996 and apparently they are everywhere. If you have a smart phone or a phone which will scan check this following message on the QR code

Ok I may be promoting something…. something very good…but I am simply demonstrating how brilliant they are



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