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Learning Mobile marketing is something which I have been really wanting to try out, however I guess I like many have been waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to learn more. In particular I wanted to learn text message marketing, but until now I had always assumed it would either be too expensive or simply not a viable option for smaller businesses.

How wrong was I…

Along came local mobile monopoly! ( by Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovans.)

The timing for this launch was spot on, mobile marketing has now become an option for not only the larger brands, but also easily accessible and affordable for the small local business too.

Google have now revealed that 1 in 3 searches are related to local search of some kind. This obviously means that more and more people are requesting information, products or services in their local area. This clearly indicates that local businesses need to take this onboard and grasp every opportunity to give these potential customers what they want.

Local mobile monopoly became live March 21st, I signed up to the early bird list as I was eager to find out what they had to offer, I wanted to know how mobile marketing worked, in particular SMS and how it could help local businesses in my area, I personally know of local businesses which are struggling, many have websites and a few of them run email campaigns, but email marketing has become increasingly difficult and now only 10 percent of marketing emails are opened !

So Why learn Text message marketing?

97%  of text messages are read ! and read pretty much immediately!

Text message marketing campaigns can be cost effective and extremely successful if relevant to your customer.

My thoughts on Local Mobile Monopoly.

I think local mobile monopoly is absolutely great value  and definitely worth the money, all the video tutorials are excellent although to some may appear annoying with the  theme music at the beginning of every video! (You will either love it OR find it totally annoying!)I reached the conclusion I loved it!

There are some really good free marketing tools to use including a free website which you can customize with your details, you will also be provided with free business stationary plus much more including free quality webinars, advice, etc.

In Adams first video he tells you that the yep text service itself will not work outside the United States, however this can be easily overcome and he will show you how, he has selected three great alternative SMS marketing providers to choose from, they appear good but I personally have tried many service providers and used their free trials if available, one which I highly recommend is This one.

The Local Mobile Monopoly modules basically guide you through the process about not only how to approach new clients but how to actually demonstrate to them how text message marketing can dramatically help their business.

I would definitely recommend this product to both business owners looking to remain ahead of their competition, and  to those perhaps wishing to start a new business / career managing local businesses text message marketing campaigns / mobile marketing campaigns.

Although yeptext  itself is not yet available outside the US, it really does not lessen the value of becoming a member of local mobile monopoly. If you live outside the US just simply choose another service provider.

There are other great providers, however yeptext itself looks really streamline and easy to use and should be the obvious choice for those in United States.

Why I think you should learn mobile marketing


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