sights too high?

Have you ever set yourself a goal only to realize later this goal was unachievable! I have!

When I first started out and learnt some basics about internet marketing I was so excited. It was the answer to all my prayers really. I had spent years trying to sell my products but now I had learnt how to target my customers! (NOT the buyers).

As soon as I understood how to achieve this my brain started firing on all cylinders.

I bought so many domain names. Names which were really effective promoting my products. My imagination ran wild, I bought domains promoting niches I knew nothing about but I knew people were searching for.

Reality soon hit me. what I was trying to achieve was just too big a goal, yes I could spend a lot of time researching these niches but I would simply be using regurgitated content and that is not how I wanted to build my online businesses. Ninety percent of my domains were then left parked with godaddy or google earning pennies.

I then focused on what I knew, writing unique content about subjects which I knew a little about, a lot about and actually interested me.

This was a big turning point for me, and it is only when this happened I started to see results. At one time I had 130 domains. I know that is the norm, or even peanuts for many marketers, but personally I could not and cannot deal with that many different niches. Maybe one day, but until then I will need to achieve a lot more.

I have always been told it is better to have a few really good sites than hundreds of rubbish ones and I would definitely agree with that, not only will it make you progress easier and quicker, it will be more profitable.

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Hi, my name is Sharon and would best describe myself as an optimistic multipotentialite! /niche blogger striving to get Googles attention, wordpress enthusiast

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