Every single day I learn something new, that is great I know but I'm no spring chicken and all these new skills have got to be stored somewhere!! a while back I was starting to panic!, I had always considered myself reasonably creative and reasonably bright but I was having problems with my thinking skills!…… or so I thought. It wasn't just an off day either. After a few days and after a bit of googling I was so relieved that I wasn't the only one suffering from this, it was the norm for writers, and anyone else at times, but in particular for people who wrote content.

Procrastination!!!!. I had never heard of it before! But I knew one thing, I had it… so I read some great articles on how to overcome it.

Procrastination means to put off, delay, not achieve tasks which need doing. I personally was not making a conscious decision to put things off, in my case things just weren't getting done!, I don't even know why!, I was snail like, getting very little done.

If you have this problem, do not worry, it is perfectly normal you just need to understand how to overcome this problem.

Here are some really good tips which I found

  1. No matter what your problem or Goal. Break it down. Get yourself a notepad and pen. If it is a goal you are trying to achieve set individual easy targets. Looking at a goal can seem difficult to achieve but tackling each small target you will still achieve your goal. These could be weekly or monthly targets. The trick is to make sure you can easily achieve these individual targets, if you can't, break them down further.
  2. Don't be angry about this, accept it and tackle it head on. Achieve a little at a time and remember you are still moving forward getting things done, just slower than normal. You will be amazed how much you can actually achieve by tackling things this way.
  3. Don't let yourself achieve nothing ie: if the project or task you are aiming for is difficult attempt to get other simpler tasks done, we all have smaller tasks on the back boiler which never seem to get done.
  4. Finally and most importantly. Don't give up!!!


Good Luck

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