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I am going to be totally honest with you. Lately I have had a big problem, in fact so much so it has prevented me from “getting on” and really knuckling down with my work.

Talk about Frustrating! I had this problem before but not for this long!

You see as you are probably well aware, having an online business involves writing quality unique content for your readers.We all have great ideas but actually writing about it can be challenging. You may not have found your writing voice , you may have too much on your mind, you maybe too unorganized or you may have information overload!. For Whatever reason it may be, it is so frustrating!!! isn't it????

Well I have not only had some really good advice but I found some really useful sites which can help you overcome this problem. I know how frustrating this can be so I really feel the need to share them with you. I know from personal experience we quite often strive for perfection when writing an article or promoting a product or service, but guess what??.

you don't need to strive for perfection. shall I say it again??? ok

you don't need to strive for perfection

Perfection will quite often prevent you from moving forward. I understand this now and my work has become so much easier, I spend less time worrying and more time writing. Whilst I am on this subject, I want to share something else with you about writing techniques. Have you ever visited those really popular, well written blogs, which have thousands of followers?????have you ever stopped to think how they not only write really good quality content but they also really engage with the reader. It is difficult to explain but they just seem to make what they write and say so good!

Well I know now what they do!!!!

There are two woman online who I will use as an example. They are both hugely successful and they both “Write like they talk” They have their own unique style of writing and talking and this method not only engages the visitor but makes them feel like they have known them for years. I know because it makes me feel like that . see for yourself. (then make sure you check out the other links below!!!!

Marie Forleo

Pot Pie Girl

check them out

Writers block, struggling to write great content?….make sure you check out this site which I personally think is one of the best websites online.

(yes I have checked them all out!!!!..not!)

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