Motivation, Action and Dedication

Internet Marketing can be frustrating, especially when we don't see instant result. When starting out you can't help wondering if you are missing some secret formula ! and unfortunately many people over complicate the situation. Sometimes we need to look at the situation with a logical mind. To achieve anything I believe we require three simple things.

Motivation – This is the driving force which forces us to take action.

Action – The learning and implementing what we have learnt (or intend to achieve)

Dedication – Devoting and setting time aside to achieve what your initial goal.

Motivation I think is the easiest. We all have dreams and we all want to achieve success, whether that be for money, security, achievement, recognition, acceptance from others or self-acceptance. Motivation is usually a thought process and easy to find.

Action. This can be more challenging. We need to actually take action, but remember, no pain no gain, whether that be to lose that two stone in weight, start your learning, start your business, start your fitness regime or whatever you are planning to do.

Dedication. Staying power! this is I think the hardest. You have heard the saying Rome wasn't built in a day! and having watched that youtube video you will obviously understand. We all have regrets at not sticking with previous plans and to remain dedicated and committed to your original goal is hard work and will require commitment.

Its as simple as that isn't it ? No secret formula, no magic book and certainly not rocket science and something you probably already knew anyway. However I have wrote it  because although it's so simple, it is also easy to forget.

Learning Internet Marketing ? Need Motivation, Action and dedication ?

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