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Worcester mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing seems to be a real hot topic of conversation. I must admit to being extremely excited about this new strategy. I have recently come back from some friends who have a lovely shop and they were telling me about their new tea room. It is lovely, really quaint but they were struggling … [Read more...]

local mobile monopoly

Learning Mobile marketing is something which I have been really wanting to try out, however I guess I like many have been waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to learn more. In particular I wanted to learn text message marketing, but until now I had always assumed it would either be … [Read more...]

Google changes

Lately I have been reading about views on googles recent changes with algorithm. I for one like I am sure many others, welcome this change, bring it on I say. Infact I would go so far to say that taking into consideration googles constant drive to provide quality, unique and diverse content, any … [Read more...]

sights too high?

Have you ever set yourself a goal only to realize later this goal was unachievable! I have! When I first started out and learnt some basics about internet marketing I was so excited. It was the answer to all my prayers really. I had spent years trying to sell my products but now I had learnt how … [Read more...]


Every single day I learn something new, that is great I know but I'm no spring chicken and all these new skills have got to be stored somewhere!! a while back I was starting to panic!, I had always considered myself reasonably creative and reasonably bright but I was having problems with my thinking … [Read more...]

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