spinning articles..short sighted?

Article writing is no doubt a great way to increase traffic to your website, I love writing unique content but at times every creative bone in my body ceases to work. I have in the past considered article spinning tools but having utmost respect for google, I personally suspect one day they will detect and no longer index similar duplicate content. I will try to give google what they want…unique quality content written using natural vocabulary, Not re spun content. After all duplicate content is something Google constantly try to eradicate,  I have heard conflicting opinions on this software. Many say it is great for spinning hundreds of articles which have had no problems with SEO, others say by the time they had finished spinning one article they could have wrote two articles using the normal method. I have read also that google can now detect re spun articles, if this is the case I guess many will suffer the consequences. Google do not like duplicate content, their mission is to supply the customer with quality, relevant unique content, not re spun hash. In my opinion, and for now I will refrain from using such tools. That's not to say of course I wont use them in the future.

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