Article Writers Block

Isn't it strange that sometimes our writing capability can be seemingly effortless.

Others times nothing flows. Article writing although time consuming is a necessity and an enjoyable experience however at times we know what we want to say but nothing seems to flow when we start typing! You may even have plenty of Inspiration but nothing seems to flow like it should. This can be so frustrating, especially when you know earlier that day your creative thoughts were crystal clear and you could have written that article in minutes.

It was Albert Einstein who said he had his best Ideas in the morning whilst shaving.

(I do too!) but I don't shave!, If I did I would have more problems than writing articles.

What I do find is that it is very difficult to go from building a site and all that comes with it to switching straight over to writing articles. That does not work for me so when I feel creative I just write because I know there will be times I wont be able to.

My dad was a poet and I remember mum asking him to write a poem occasionally for someones birthday or anniversary. I always remember him saying that he had no ink. What he meant was that he lacked creativity at that time and she would have to wait.

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