Clutter Free Mindset

Clutter Free Mindset ? what on earth has that got to do with this website?

Well this is just the way I work, and believe me without it I certainly would not be able to progress at the pace I do.

My life has never been cluttered, In fact I would go as far to say I hate clutter.

I see it as irrelevant and an obstacle in what I am trying to achieve. (apart from say a car boot sale!)

There is a certain shop out there, mention no names, but a shop which is actually thriving today because it is so cheap. Guessed it ?  now don't get me wrong I do occasionally go there, but whilst I walk around I cannot understand how some of the products sell.

Not so long back I saw a plastic gadget, chunky plastic and quite complex in its design. I picked it up and tried to figure out what it did.

It basically sat on top of a boiled egg, then you pushed a lever across to' cleanly' and neatly remove the top of the boiled egg. I could not believe it, was there really a market for this type of item? . Then I tried to look at it in a different way. Maybe, just maybe there are a lot of older people who like a boiled egg daily but struggle to remove the top. I do not know, I do not really want to know but I knew I would not want it in my house !. I know one thing for sure and that is I cannot help but think of the carbon footprint of that product.

Yes my house is very uncluttered. My work desk very uncluttered. The books, products and services I use are very relevant to me at that time, then removed when no longer relevant. My email inbox very selective and relevant and removed or not even opened if no longer relevant to me, and that is not just because the nature of the Industry (being so vast) it is because that is the way I am. If I were a cleaner I would probably find a way of having one product which would give the same result as having three.

If I were a chef I would rather focus on quality beef and one good veg. Rather than inferior quality beef, five frozen veg and a sweet.  That's probably not a good example but I am sure you get my drift.

The fact is less is more sometimes, and that can apply to every aspect of life.

It's not quantity. It is quality. It's not the quantity of service I provide. It is the quality of service I provide. If my quantity were to expand and as a result my quality were to suffer then I would see that I had a problem and solve it. etc etc.

That is just my personal view on things for what it is worth.

Clutter free all the way!!!in my book It works for me. Never been a hoarder and never will.


Sharon Slater


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