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I have been recently promoting my services to local businesses in my local area, I personally feel the flood gates have opened for me as far as my thoughts on advertising my services and my thoughts are this.:

My marketing and sales techniques have always been and always will be transparent. I state what I do and the services I provide. I do feel this explanation varies enormously depending on ones knowledge and experience of online marketing already.

some customers will have already explored online marketing for there business then later experienced problems with it. ie:  not enough return on investment , not high enough page rank, lack on quality unique content, etc. I find this kind of customer relatively easy to deal with, because of their basic knowledge and understanding they normally have a target in mind and a specific area I can explain to reach that target.

others may have no idea how a campaign could really help them in terms of customers, sales or profits, so it is therefore my job to illustrate how I can help and also demonstate to them how I could prove my worth. This is sometimes where I struggle because I want to be able to cover with them all aspects of what I do much of which they may not understand. This I find not only more time consuming but I struggle to simplify it all into one consultation which they can understand. I need to streamline my methods so they are understood by the customers but at the same time using my time in the most efficient way possible. It doesn't help that I just love talking about what I do. Would love to hear from anyone else about this subject.

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