problems with marketing, website design, and SEO for customers

here is my dilemma at the moment and when reading it just remember that I have yet to SEO THIS SITE and tidy it up as it is a bit unorganized I know !

I have in the past successfully created a few blogs and sites using wordpress for some local customers.This is about my latest project:

I had nothing from them so this involved trying to get some information from them about there business / Industry the best way I could aswell as researching on the net. I also needed to clarify what they wanted from the site ie: just a web presence or full SEO  Do they want it managed or do they want to take over the site later. What was there budget etc .(did everything involved for a initial consultation) They wanted the lot.

I went on to researching keywords, writing the content for each category, submission to local directories etc, cleaning up and editing some photos which they gave me on an old disk which were either too big, odd formats etc. Submission to google maps, the list goes on…….creating all the content for the different products and services etc. The shop itself sold everything under the sun by the way.! so ideally I wanted  to get them to prioritise there products and AND services or at least to give me some idea which in itself was really quite hard for them to do so again I give my two penny worth on what I thought. (not that I probably should have).

My conclusion is this. Before this project I took on I wanted to absolutely do Everything I could to reach perfection ie:

Get some fabulous creative unique photos and perfectly edited images on site. (and optimized)

Get some fabulous unique content regarding there business, product and services they provide

Know it was 100 per cent optimized and used correct density for relevant keywords.

know that is had plenty of citations and some really good articles out there to help SEO etc

basically I wanted a perfect website with perfect content with perfect SEO all organic etc.

My thoughts now are this.

In one of my previous posts I commented on the fact that years ago I had a website produced for me which had no real presence on the web unless of course you entered it in the URL. I had simply gone to a website designer and asked for a site and that is exactly what I got. I didn't provide him with specifics etc I just expected a site and assumed it would be SE friendly and be optimized well.

well years later and refering to this project I have just completed reality has kicked in and I have realized this. (from the other side!!!!!)

I now understand the real importance of  catagorizing your projects / campaigns you provide and how you charge your customers for it

I know understand the real importance and time needed to fully optimize a site to its full capability (obviously depending on your expertise and what you believe is needed)

I  Understand the time and research required to create a content rich website using correct and relevant keyword density to match the subject matter itself.

BUT most importantly of all I now understand the time and work involved when starting a project from day one with nothing and creating a perfect website with perfect unique content, perfectly user friendly, perfect to look at , perfect density , perfect keyword selection relevant to the subject, and as perfectly search engine optimized as possible.

Of course I also understand that depending on the consultants expertise this will vary, But I guess when you are trying to do it all like I am and strive for perfection it really makes you look at your market closely, it has made me realize the importance of specialising in one area and pricing for that service you do, and it also makes you look at your pricing structure and check out what your competitors are doing which can help you position yourself correctly in the market. Its also made me realize that if you are an expert in all those fields (NOT THAT I AM By the way) but if you were an expert in all aspects of Website creation then I truly understand your true worth!.

I will shortly be checking out my real competition I have in my local area and try to position myself correctly in the market by re structuring my prices so I know they are accurate competitive and fair. I will then be able to justify my prices if need be.

any relevant thoughts would be great !



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