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Are you looking for your business to get more online presence ? .

maybe you have a website for your business or maybe you have yet to get one?

Which ever, how can you be sure you are getting the maximum value for money from your website developer or SEO expert. (search engine optimized). Web design and marketing companies can charge an awful lot of money and  Unfortunately sometimes your budget is not used to its maximum potential whether it be wrong /irrelevant keyword selection or unnecessary pay per click advertising. Should you agree for a marketer to help you get more exposure then don't be frightened to ask them to show you exactly what they are going to do. Ask them for evidence that they have effectively run other successful campaigns. ask them what training they have had (recent methods and strategies) but most of all keep a budget in mind and try not to exceed this. Any Impressive claims they make again ask them for evidence to support this. Many marketers can be very persuasive and it is there job to advise realistically and also to listen to you so they can get some understanding of your Industry and products or services you provide so they can maximise results based on the campaign they provide for you.

I love helping local businesses but I also feel very protective as far as understanding that many of them have little knowledge of effective online marketing. They dont have a massive budget for marketing but still need to take full advantage of the Internet.

I have been there as someone who needed that website and I needed national presence. I look back on those times with sheer disbelief. I was given websites which were needle in haystacks within a non competitive Industry AND YET no suitable or relevant keywords were used in my sites at all. Search engines had no idea of who or what I was.! no keyword density, nothing, but most of all NO ORDERS !

Looking back on it now they didn't actually claim they were a marketing company. They were however a website design company but I just assumed that my websites would do everything needed (including being ranked high in search engines.)

Of course now many website designers have realised that due to the competitive Industries now needing effective sites they have more SEO knowledge. Many of them are very good but You as a customer must make sure they have that knowledge.

I myself have been Internet Marketing for a while which in itself is an extremely competitive industry. Every keyword and version of it have been exhausted.

(try googling Internet marketing and see for yourself how many results come back to you!)

I have scrutinised new methods and actively use them in my local marketing campaigns and aim for number one rankings. Sometimes this can be achieved but in more competitive Industries I need to try a lot harder to achieve this and sometimes this will involve pay per clicks, but with local marketing it can be achieved organically (without using paid methods)

If you are after a quick read on getting free business listings then click here now for some good advice

I for one intend to remain one step ahead and will keep a close eye on googles methods. Not only because its my job which I love but when I talk to my customers and initially assess there needs I can then confidently assure them that I will maximise there exposure within the budget given.

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