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Copyright. The importance of it.

Thank you for visiting my Copyright post. Firstly I would like to say all my site content is Copyright Protected. Why the importance ? In the World today, we have those who give and those who take and not forgetting the variables in between. We have Extreme thieves who steal, we also … [Read more...]

Clutter Free Mindset

Clutter Free Mindset ? what on earth has that got to do with this website? Well this is just the way I work, and believe me without it I certainly would not be able to progress at the pace I do. My life has never been cluttered, In fact I would go as far to say I hate clutter. I see it as … [Read more...]

Worcestershire marketing campaigns

I have been recently promoting my services to local businesses in my local area, I personally feel the flood gates have opened for me as far as my thoughts on advertising my services and my thoughts are this.: My marketing and sales techniques have always been and always will be transparent. I … [Read more...]

problems with marketing, website design, and SEO for customers

here is my dilemma at the moment and when reading it just remember that I have yet to SEO THIS SITE and tidy it up as it is a bit unorganized I know ! I have in the past successfully created a few blogs and sites using wordpress for some local customers.This is about my latest project: I had … [Read more...]

Local Marketing

Are you looking for your business to get more online presence ? . maybe you have a website for your business or maybe you have yet to get one? Which ever, how can you be sure you are getting the maximum value for money from your website developer or SEO expert. (search engine optimized). Web … [Read more...]

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