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Today I have spent a fair bit of time checking out new sites promoting mobile marketing, any serious internet marketer will I am sure be doing the same. Although still in its infancy stage many sites are claiming that it is easy to reach this starving population however from what I have read this is not quite the case. I have found a few reviews from people who have tested these systems and whilst they claim they are a good starting point they certainly have not yet perfected the methods of reaching mobile users.  I have no doubt that mobile marketing is the way forward, after all if that's what Google says well that's good enough for me, you need only to look at the statistics of mobile users (6 billion worldwide) compared to Internet users (1.5 billion) ! to see that mobile marketing will explode soon. people are switching to smart phones on a daily basis, millions of websites are going mobile, apple now call themselves a mobile company and Google spent the 750 million to acquire there mobile advertising platform ADMOB. all this plus more gives me the confidence to head in that direction myself!!!….

Why You should learn mobile marketing now!

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