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cloaking/masking or link redirects ???

I have recently bought a few exciting domains relevant to a high selling clickbank product. In the past I have simply cloaked the domain to the relevant product to obviously protect my link from being stolen (plus other benefits) however I appreciate that as far as SEO  is concerned this is simply … [Read more...]

Hubpages…one millionth post!

they have also opened a training centre … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing….

Today I have spent a fair bit of time checking out new sites promoting mobile marketing, any serious internet marketer will I am sure be doing the same. Although still in its infancy stage many sites are claiming that it is easy to reach this starving population however from what I have read this is … [Read more...]

New Hosting

phew, a sigh of relief. have moved my hosting and to be quite honest it was an easy task! the only problem which did hold me up was the fact I tried using a 0 (zero) instead of an O (letter O) in my password. After spending three hours trying to solve why I could not log into my account I eventually … [Read more...]

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